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Keynote Lectures

Hacking the Security Industry for Fun and Profit and Humanity
David Jacoby, Kaspersky Lab, Sweden

Sustainable Security – an Internet of Durable Goods
Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


Hacking the Security Industry for Fun and Profit and Humanity

David Jacoby
Kaspersky Lab

Brief Bio
David is an security evangelist who is currently working as Senior Security Researcher for Kaspersky Lab. He is responsible for not only research but also technical PR activities in the Nordic and Benelux region where his tasks often include vulnerability and threat research. He also performs alot of product and security audits, penetration tests, security research and public speaking engagements around the world. His day to day job is about improving awareness of the current and future threats and vulnerabilities to which both consumers and large enterprises are exposed and fight cybercrime. David have about 15 years of experience working in the IT security field. This have given him the opportunity to work in many interesting fields such as: Vulnerability and Threat Management, Customer Experience, Penetration Testing, Development and Fighting Cybercrime. Specialties: - Public speaking<- Business development - Intraprenourship - Innovative vulnerability research - Relevant security research - Customer focus/experience - Penetration testing - Unix and Linux Security - Vulnerability magement - IT-Security audits - Cybercrime - Identifying improvement - IT-security hardening - Web application security - Enjoying life and having fun!

What if we could get rid of consultants? What if we could reduce our IT-security costs? What if we could educate our staff and at the same help people in need? What if we could get better at IT-security without spending money?
We really need a new way to look at computer security because they way we work, educate our selfs and others are obsolete. In this provocative presentation David will go though the most common false perceptions and problems in the security industry and we will together HACK the the security industry and they way we look it today.



Sustainable Security – an Internet of Durable Goods

Ross Anderson
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

Brief Bio
Ross Anderson is Professor of Security Engineering at Cambridge University. He was one of the founders of the discipline of security economics, and leads the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre, which collects and analyses data about online wickedness. He was one of the designers of the international standards for prepayment electricity metering and powerline communications; he was one of the inventors of the AES finalist encryption algorithm Serpent; he was also a pioneer of peer-to-peer systems, hardware tamper-resistance and API security. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Physics. He is widely known as the author of the textbook "Security Engineering – A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems

As we start to connect durable goods such as cars, medical devices and electricity meters to the Internet, there will be at least three big changes. First, security will be more about safety than privacy.
Certification will no longer mean testing a car once before selling it for ten years; safety will mean monthly software updates, and security will be an integral part of it. Second, we will have to reorganise government functions such as safety regulators, standards bodies, testing labs and law enforcement. Finally, while you might get security upgrades for your phone for two or three years, cars will need safety and security patches for twenty years or more. We have no idea how to patch 20-year-old software; so we’ll need fresh thinking about compilers, verification, testing and much else.