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ICISSP is a unique forum for universities, research groups and research projects to present their research and scientific results, be it by presenting a paper, hosting a tutorial or instructional course or demonstrating its research products in demo sessions, by contributing towards panels and discussions in the event's field of interest or by presenting their project, be it by setting up an exhibition booth, by being profiled in the event's web presence or printed materials or by suggesting keynote speakers or specific thematic sessions.

Special conditions are also available for Research Projects which wish to hold meetings at INSTICC events.

Current Academic Partners:


The world is more digitally connected than ever. Technology is changing and improving our lives. But we face new challenges. Cybercrime is the major obstacle in our path to progress with huge costs to the economy and society.

Studies on cyber costs point to increasing impacts to all kinds of organisations, especially where the gains for hackers are high, not just in terms of financial gains but also intellectual property and sensitive data. Kaspersky has showed that the monetary impact of cyber breaches can increase by as much as a factor of four when left undetected for seven days, compared to the cost of being detected instantly. will help reduce these impacts while building cyber capacity through its cyber-range training platform and boosting career opportunities in a digital economy where being a professional with risk assessment and cyber-attack response skills has obvious financial benefits., in a nutshell:

An H2020 Innovation Action aiming to become the EU’s reference, authoritative, independent cyber range platform for professional training.
Contributing to the continuous development of a cybersecurity culture across the EU society.
From September 2018 through February 2021.
Featuring an open pilot stream, for you to get to use the platform (for free!) – pre-book your own pilot at